Women in many societies across the globe have been deprived of realising their dreams and ambitions as they grow from being a girl to a woman

We believe in a woman’s power to fulfil her dreams and the dreams of the community.

We enable women to make their entrepreneurial dreams come true.

Poverty and indebtedness is rampant among rural India due to certain financial behaviours (spending beyond their means, lack of long term financial planning, incessant borrowing at high interest rates) which may be a factor of the social or cultural background. However, the major reason for this kind of behaviour is lack of awareness about tools to manage the finances efficiently and effectively and the availability of avenues in formal financial institutions.

Development needs to be carried out from within through nurturing of the ‘leader’ inside every person. It cannot be handed out as a charity and has to be kindled in the heart and head of a person. Women can be empowered to achieve the dreams they have for their businesses and communities, to become a critical mass of change agents in the society.

With women being the epicentre of families, every woman we reach out to, her family is developed as well! BUZZ is a platform to empower rural potential and an opportunity of employment and exchange of expertise.

We awaken the dreams of women who have never been asked what their dream is.