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BUZZ is a mobile academy consisting of a customised, full-equipped mini-bus with two trainers. Making education mobile and localised, it will make it accessible and meaningful for community development.

Women – Most of the women at the village level are organized in the form of self-help groups. The project will leverage on these groups, which makes it easier to mobilize them.

Mobile academy – A bus customized to be a training classroom in an open area in the village. The fundamental problem of taking time out of their lives to educate themselves about business or finances is addressed through the BUZZ, which provides doorstep training at their disposal when it is convenient for them

Experiential training – To make learning interesting and long lasting, the training has activities, role plays and storytelling. Also, pictorial representation of learning material to make the programme inclusive for the illiterate.

Capsule modules – To cater to short attention spans and lack of time the curriculum is design for 2 half day sessions of 3.5 hours each

Family involvement – Any changes in financial behaviour need the buy in of the entire family. This is achieved by giving a 1 week gap between the 2 sessions when home work assignments are given to the women to discuss with their families and involve the influencers

Follow-up – We keep in touch with the women every 3 months to monitor their progress and provide ongoing coaching for them to achieve their financial and personal goals.