Buzz Impact

The impact of Buzz has been captured in multiple ways. The trainer and trainer assistant observe the changes in the behaviour of the women during and after the training; information is captured through a survey pre and post the training; videos testimonials are shot post 2 months of training.

The past two years of training have given us the following insights.

Skills developed as part of the sessions –

v  Understand nuances of business and qualities of an entrepreneur

v  Basics of book keeping

v  Financial thinking, planning and goal setting for the future

v  Importance  and mechanics of saving

v  Importance  and mechanics of reducing expenses

v  Debt management

v  Communication and marketing
The quantitative impact of our work so far shows that women on an average were able to enhance their business by increasing revenue by 16% and profits by 30%. At a personal level their savings increased by 97%. Some women have started a new business or have expanded their existing business. Most of them have started saving either informally or in a formal institution. This has been achieved through behavioural change in terms of increase in savings, reducing expenditure and managing debt.

The qualitative impact as observed at the end of each relevant session and claimed by the women over periodic follow-up conversations, is that they are able to communicate better, have gained courage and confidence, feel a sense of pride for what they have achieved till now, take ownership of their problems and find solutions on their own and with better communication with families.


2 thoughts on “Buzz Impact

  1. It’s heartwarming to read about real change that is organized, thoughtful and has a powerful impact on people’s quality of life – this is true “empowerment” – more power to all at Buzz! Let me know if I can volunteer for you. My best wishes.

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